Open source projects

Database tool. WIP.

Time logging in CLI

Ser is a small monitoring tool for your AWS instances, targets groups, load balancers, ECS.

App designed for Raspberry PI for measuring turns when playing board games.

IoT home for controlling Yeelight

Miscellaneous utilities for PostgreSQL.

Workshop for Rails/PostgreSQL with the focus on Active Relations.

Workshop with inner, left, right, full and cross join.

Workshop with CTEs and window functions.

Workshop with database views.

Small workshop with Elixir basics.

Regular expression tester inspired by Rubular.

Crystal shard for Kemal that exposes healthcheck endpoint for AWS load balancer.

Crystal shard that loads dotenv files.

Workshop about creating utility to unfurl links from webpages with the ability to extend it with custom logic.

Simple Rack middleware that returns sync time (time when request started) in HTTP headers.

Gem that formats seconds to readable time format i.e. 8h05m and vice versa.

HandyToolbox gem is a text based user interface that will help you with every day tasks.

Scans your server using (ClamAV).

Extensions for OrmLite library and GSON.

Ruby on Rails like I18n for iOS and relative time span formatting.