Open source projects

ohkrab/krab (Go)
Database tool. WIP.
timelog (Go)
Time logging in CLI
ser (Go)
Ser is a small monitoring tool for your AWS instances, targets groups, load balancers, ECS.
cyclone (Go)
Wrapper around radix (Redis) library.
rpi-boardgame-turns (Elixir)
App designed for Raspberry PI for measuring turns when playing board games.
bmo (Go)
IoT home for controlling Yeelight
pg-misc (PostgreSQL)
Miscellaneous utilities for PostgreSQL.
workshop-db-01 (PostgreSQL)
Workshop for Rails/PostgreSQL with the focus on Active Relations.
workshop-db-02 (PostgreSQL)
Workshop with inner, left, right, full and cross join.
workshop-db-03 (PostgreSQL)
Workshop with CTEs and window functions.
workshop-db-04 (PostgreSQL)
Workshop with database views.
elixir-workshop-01 (Elixir)
Small workshop with Elixir basics.
Selleo/crystular (Crystal)
Regular expression tester inspired by Rubular.
kemal-healthcheck-handler (Crystal)
Crystal shard for Kemal that exposes healthcheck endpoint for AWS load balancer.
dotenvs-cr (Crystal)
Crystal shard that loads dotenv files.
crystal-workshop-02 (Crystal)
Workshop about creating utility to unfurl links from webpages with the ability to extend it with custom logic.
rack-synctime (Ruby)
Simple Rack middleware that returns sync time (time when request started) in HTTP headers.
time_humanizer (Ruby)
Gem that formats seconds to readable time format i.e. 8h05m and vice versa.
handy_toolbox (Ruby)
HandyToolbox gem is a text based user interface that will help you with every day tasks.
clamav-scanner-rb (Ruby)
Scans your server using (ClamAV).
android-extensions (Java)
Extensions for OrmLite library and GSON.
ios-utils (ObjC)
Ruby on Rails like I18n for iOS and relative time span formatting.